4 Injuries That Are More Common in Winter

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It can be surprisingly easy to fall victim to an injury or accident, especially during the winter. Based on the unpredictability of the season, it’s a good idea to be prepared before ice covers sidewalks and parking lots. Snow and cold weather will bring winter chores, which can lead to intense muscle strain, particularly affecting the back, shoulders, neck, and head. Fortunately, by being aware of any potential risks this winter, here are a few ways to help you enjoy the brisk season while reducing the risk of injuries.

1. Falls on the Ice

Risks of falls are much higher in the winter when the ground is icy. A fall can happen at any time, as it’s often unclear that a patch is actually a sheet of ice. As well as causing you to fall to the ground, ice can make you skid and throw out your back. Seniors are particularly at risk for these kinds of injuries.

To protect yourself, wear suitable footwear whenever you head outside, even for a short period of time. Walk slowly, with short strides, and always carry your cell phone in case you do have an accident.

2. Muscle Strain

It’s not uncommon to strain a muscle when shoveling snow, especially if you’re not used to such exertion. You may suffer a repetitive strain injury or pull a muscle when lifting a shovelful of snow.

If you have a particularly long driveway, you have a large amount of work ahead of you after every snowfall. If you know that you’re not up to shoveling snow, ask someone else to do it. Another strategy is to pace yourself and complete the task in smaller sections.

3. Car Accidents

Driving becomes much more dangerous in the winter. There are more collisions and cars may skid on wet or icy roads. Whereas it’s likely impossible to stop driving entirely, you can take steps to stay safe. Prepare your car with preventive maintenance (such as changing the tires), and be extra cautious when driving.

4. Accidents During Winter Sports

Sports injuries can happen any time of year, but you’re more likely to have an accident during winter activities. As well as broken bones, you can suffer from stiff muscles and joints due to falls and collisions. To practice sports safely, only run on salted pavements or cleared trails and use proper equipment when skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

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