Regenerative Photonic Therapy

  • Unique to Edmonton and Sherwood Park.
  • Regenerative photonic therapy (RPT) uses special photonic (light) sources to activate regeneration and self-healing processes within abnormal cells and tissues to improve or restore normal function.
  • RPT uses combinations of laser, LED, and superluminescent diode (SLD) single light photons to increase the speed of tissue healing and reduce inflammation, resulting in less pain and improved activity tolerance.
  • The FDA and Health Canada approve LEP2000 Regenerative Photonic Therapy.
  • We use RPT to treat pain related to acute or chronic inflammation, muscle spasms, impaired microcirculation, damaged tendons, and muscle or nerve ischemia (lack of oxygen or blood).
  • RPT has been proven in statistically-significant clinical trials, including double-blind studies on pain in joints, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, and whiplash.
  • A recent clinical trial confirmed a reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms of the knee and an improvement in daily life activities.

Photos of before and after four Regenerative Photonic Therapy treatments for a grade 2 sprained knee. We were able to resolve the bruising and decrease the swelling, improving the client’s ability to exercise and return to regular activities.

Knee Arthritis Assessment

We evaluate all your areas of pain, since the back and entire leg can lead to knee pain. We will create a pain map to guide our regenerative photonic therapy.

We will give you the Western Ontario and McMaster Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) to you to answer questions about your pain, stiffness, and daily activities.

Manual Therapy and Regenerative Photonic Therapy

Sherwood Park clients have experienced firsthand how RPT protocol can improve healing of the shoulder structures and relieve pain significantly. In a recent client’s words: “I am improving with each treatment.”

Each session starts with laser and new red/infrared light therapy. Following regenerative photonic therapy, we use specific shoulder manual therapy to improve range of motion. This client started with 120 degrees of standing reaching. After three treatments, we increased the standing reaching to 135 degrees and improved reaching up the back by 5 cm.

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