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Get timely results and professional guidance from our highly experienced therapists.Our modern clinic is fitted with individual treatment rooms for your safety and privacy.

At Global Physiotherapy, we provide high-quality physiotherapy assessments and rehabilitation to clients from Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and the surrounding areas.

We are a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association,  BNI Park Power Connections, and the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce.

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Proud to be Award Nominated

Global Physiotherapy was Nominated for the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce 2020 Business Award. Sherwood Park News article here

Our dedication to continual learning and training means clients have access to the latest methodologies.

Global Physiotherapy is made up of a team of five experienced physiotherapists: Cindy Coneen, Leasa Stanley, Charlotte Dowhaniuk, Jeri Williams, and Yvonne Keats.

All of our physiotherapists have taken courses from the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. These courses include evaluation and treatment strategies from experts based in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Great Britain. By continuously learning and incorporating the new information into their practice, our physical therapists are able to provide you with the best quality of care.

Cindy Coneen and Leasa Stanley are fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapy (CAMPT). Fellowship requires physiotherapists to pass a series of written and practical exams based on the standards set out by the International Federation of Orthopaedic Physical Therapists (IFOMPT). Fellows of the academy (FCAMPT) are dedicated to providing excellent-quality, client-centred care using clinical experience and evidence-based practices. Leasa Stanley is also authorized to prescribe X-rays and other diagnostic tests, as required.

We support direct billing from many providers including:

Reduce or completely elimintate pains or issues that are preventing you from fully enjoying your life. We have specific knowledge to assist clients of all ages and backgrounds to better understand their bodies and individual needs.

What Is a Global Physiotherapy Assessment?

Do you have pain that keeps returning? Or pain that changes location and prevents you from living a normal life? A global physiotherapy assessment will look at all the potential pain sources. For example, if you have pain in one shoulder, we will assess your neck and both arms. If you have foot pain, we will check your back and legs. We have found that pain in one joint rarely originates from the local area.

The cornerstone of our services is a detailed evaluation of the many potential sources of your pain. Our physiotherapists start with a posture exam to check how you hold your head and body. We will also measure your movements and do strength and nerve function tests. These assessments help to identify possible problems and allow us to arrive at a diagnosis. We use muscle charts and models of different joints of the body to explain the anatomy of the pain problem and will discuss multiple options for physiotherapy treatment.

Initial assessment appointments last up to one hour and include treatment. Follow-up appointments are thirty minutes. All of your sessions will be with a physical therapist — assistants do not administer treatment. Advanced physiotherapy techniques, in particular, require an experienced physiotherapist to provide the quality of care our clients expect.

Modern Physiotherapy Technology and Treatments

At Global Physiotherapy, we use state-of-the-art physiotherapy technology. Laser and regenerative photonic therapy provides soft tissue healing for muscles, tendons, joints, and nerves. This technology also provides immediate and long-term pain relief for multiple points of the body. Acute and chronic conditions in particular can benefit from this treatment. All our staff members have up-to-date training on the laser and regenerative photonic therapy treatment protocols.

Advanced manual therapy and spinal manipulation or joint adjustments help improve normal movement. Medical acupuncture, based on medical research and neural anatomy, can treat multiple sites of pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture and fire cupping are part of Charlotte Dowhaniuk’s physiotherapy treatments for concussion and chronic pain conditions. Cindy Coneen, and Leasa Stanley offer Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) to treat chronic shortened muscles that cause pain and nerve impairment. Yvonne Keats uses dry needling to improve muscle function. Jeri Williams provides detailed assessments and treatment to assist women with pelvic floor and bladder control problems.

Your physiotherapy treatment will include any combination of the following evidence-based, hands-on treatments and new technology:

(from left to right) Charlotte Dowhaniuk Traditional Chinese Medicine Fire Cupping, Cindy Coneen Gunn IMS for Low Back Pain, Yvonne Keats dry needling for elbow pain, Jeri Williams Urinary Incontinence therapy, Leasa Stanley Neck pain therapy

One-on-One Physical Therapy Sessions

Our new clinic is designed to provide private, one-on-one physio assessments and rehabilitation. Every room is equipped with high-quality, Canadian-made Cardon electric treatment tables for client and therapist safety. The exercise area has all the equipment we need to help you improve your movement patterns and become stronger. You can also purchase exercise tools at a reasonable price to continue your therapy at home.

Conditions That Benefit from a Global Physiotherapy Approach

Many joint, muscle, and nerve problems will dissipate with physical therapy. A global physiotherapy approach targets pain that is present in more than one location in the body or that has been present for more than six weeks. Chronic pain and injuries that do not improve with rest can also benefit from a detailed physiotherapy evaluation. Nerve pain, tingling, and weakness are signs of conditions that could benefit from a global physiotherapy approach. We provide many advanced treatment options for such conditions.

In Sherwood Park, Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation is One of Our Strengths

New and acute problems heal faster with early physiotherapy rehabilitation. One of our most successful rehabilitation programs is sports physiotherapy. Edmonton athletes of all ages are able to return to their sports activities with our treatment.

Our unique laser and regenerative photonic therapy system improves blood supply to the injured area, resulting in effective healing. Photonic therapy with red and infrared light stimulates cells that repair damaged tissue. Removing the chemicals contributing to inflammation helps to decrease pain. Return to your sport sooner with expert treatment from physical therapists at Global Physiotherapy. We’re all adult athletes who love our sports, so we understand the importance of making a swift and thorough recovery.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Rehabilitation

Were you injured in a motor vehicle collision? Have you been receiving physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment but are no longer improving? You can notify your adjuster that you want to change facilities and benefit from our advanced treatment approach, which includes exercise. We have excellent administrative staff who can assist with the paperwork for your insurance company.

Visiting the Clinic for Physiotherapy

Edmonton clients can access Global Physiotherapy Sherwood Park direct from Broadmoor Boulevard, North of Lakeland Drive, and Baseline Drive. The clinic is just east of the Anthony Henday and south of the Yellowhead highway. A wheelchair-accessible washroom is available for your convenience.

In February 2017, we opened a new clinic in Unit 148 on 2693 Broadmoor Boulevard. The space was custom-built to have seven private treatment rooms in addition to an exercise area. Free parking is available in front of the clinic.

Our friendly reception and administration staff are available to assist you with booking an initial assessment as well as follow-up appointments — they can even email your admission documents to you to save time. You’ll also receive reminders about appointments. Direct billing is available for most extended health insurance companies and motor vehicle accident insurers.

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Discover the background, experience and expertise of our physiotherapists.


From headaches, shoulder rotator cuff injuries to knee and toe arthritis are treated by our experienced staff.


We offer a full range of treatments to promote healing of injuries and to relieve pain to accomplish your rehabilitation goals.

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