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Physiotherapists are professionals who demonstrate the following behaviors in their clinical practice according to the Essential Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada:

  1. Act in the best interests of the client
  2. Work within the boundaries of the code of ethics
  3. Provide client-centred services
  4. Collaborate with clients and other health professionals to provide services
  5. Utilize the best evidence for the delivery of services
  6. Demonstrate continuing commitment to acquire knowledge and skills
  7. Participate in research, promote the profession and provide education to clients and other health professionals
  8. Exercise critical thinking and problem-solving skills in making clinical decisions
  9. Reflect on actions and decisions

Why did Cindy Coneen choose the physiotherapy profession?

Advanced manual therapy sherwood park - cindy treating the neckCindy has always been an active person, participating in team and individual sports from a young age. She liked the idea of applying her passion for science to understanding the human body and how injuries develop and recover. She did volunteer work with children and older adults to confirm that physiotherapy was her chosen profession.

Cindy has dedicated her career to improving her ability to problem solve and provide the best quality of care for her clients. Global Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park is the result of wanting to take adequate time to determine the physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment plan for clients. Up-to-date physiotherapy treatments are available to all clients.

What is a Global Physiotherapy Assessment?

A global physiotherapy assessment includes tests and observations of areas of the body that can influence your pain problem. Cindy recognizes the interaction between the myofascial and nervous systems with the musculoskeletal system. Clients who experience chronic pain or continually re-injure an area or develop symptoms without a specific injury benefit from a vision that includes the related areas of the body. For example, a shoulder pain evaluation will also include a full posture exam, neck and arm tests as well as consideration of muscles and myofascia that connect other areas of the body such as the low back.

As a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy, Cindy provides evidence based and detailed assessments of clients to develop the physiotherapy diagnosis and clinical problems to physiotherapy sherwood park - treatment - assessment

Physiotherapy Treatments available from Global Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park Inc.

Why choose Global Physiotherapy Sherwood Park for Physiotherapy treatment?

Sherwood Park manual therapy for shoulder strains - Carlie assessing a shoulder Physiotherapy treatments from Global Physiotherapy will focus on improving the multiple causes of your pain pattern. If you come with a foot problem, you can count on having your walking pattern evaluated and the influence of the structures above your foot assessed. The treatment modalities and techniques available provide healing technology and improved mobility to resolve your pain.

What will my Exercise Program look like?

Global Physiotherapy provides electronic and/or paper copies of your exercises. You can keep your exercises on your phone or computer to make it easier to refer to the program. Videos of many exercises help you perform the desired movement.

Exercises during treatment sessions will be easy to follow through at home and with minimal equipment. Cindy is familiar with the gym equipment available locally in Sherwood Park. You will be advised how to progress your fitness goals from home to the gym in a safe manner.

*New German based technology exercise equipment at Global Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park

In an effort to provide a unique exercise experience, Global Physiotherapy now uses exercise technology that can relax tight muscles or improve muscle tone and strength in very short sessions. Contact us to learn more about this type of exercise and how it fits into a Global Physiotherapy treatment plan.

Global Physiotherapy – Sherwood Park
Physiotherapist Cindy Coneen: 30+ Years Experience
State of the art physiotherapy equipment
one-to-one physiotherapy treatment
Unit 148, 2693 Broadmoor Blvd., Sherwood Park
Global Physiotherapy – Contact Form

Advanced Manual Therapy

  • Requires an in depth knowledge of anatomy, movement mechanics, nerve function and pain behavior
  • An experienced manual therapist will identify areas of movement impairment and compare the mobility challenges to the pain patterns.
  • Potential causes of pain will be related to structures in the body.
  • Treatment will focus on improving the anatomical structures’ capability to restore more functional and pain free movements

Return to Activity Exercises

  • Global physiotherapy will teach you exercises requiring minimal equipment that can be performed in the clinic and at home.
  • Physiotec hand-outs and video exercises are available
  • Advice on how to progress to a gym program
  • Cindy is familiar with Canada’s long-term athlete development program recommendations that influence competitive teenage athletes.