Sports Physiotherapy — Sherwood Park & Edmonton

Sherwood Park sports physio from Global Physiotherapy includes treatment of the spine, joints, muscles, nerves, and fascia. Athletes of all ages can sustain acute injuries or battle with recurring or chronic injuries. All have the same main goal: to return to their sport. We can help you achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Our Physiotherapy Clinic Staff

The staff at Global Physiotherapy — Sherwood Park understand athletes because we, too, strive for excellence in our sports and know how it feels to be injured.

Serving Athletes in Sherwood Park. Sports Physiotherapy Assessment and Evaluation to Maintain Optimal Performance. 

What’s the difference between a 16-year-old hockey player who injured his knee and a 50+ martial arts advocate who injured his knee? At Global Physiotherapy, they will both receive a detailed posture exam and lower quadrant assessment. Although the pain is in the knee, we will want to know why the injury occurred and identify any underlying causes that contributed to the injury. We will not only focus on the injured knee.

In fact, we assessed both of these athletes at Global Physiotherapy in 2016, and both had a chronic hip problem that required treatment. The two athletes also needed exercise advice.

A comprehensive one-hour initial assessment and treatment session from an experienced sports physiotherapist will identify your local injured structures and guide you on a rehabilitation program to prevent your injury from returning.

When to Consider Sports Physiotherapy

Are you an athlete who is just starting to notice symptoms and wants to prevent an injury? Our experienced sports physiotherapy staff will complete a comprehensive evaluation and provide you with a personalized exercise program to prevent injuries.

Have you been told you don’t recruit your glute muscles effectively, but you don’t know how to get those muscles back on track? We use a medical acupuncture technique to help you reconnect with the glutes and retrain the deep back muscle stabilizers to help you train more effectively and safely.

Unique Global Physiotherapy Sports Treatments

Global Physiotherapy — Sherwood Park is the only place that offers laser and Regenerative Photon Therapy™ (RPT) in the entire Edmonton area. The RPT system has features that help an acute joint sprain or muscle strain heal more quickly. The Google review below was posted by an athlete who experienced the quick relief from this treatment modality:

“I was diagnosed with an interior ACL strain. My knee was extremely swollen and I had significant pain. I found Global Physiotherapy and decided to give them a try. Cindy’s expertise was immediately evident with her questions and review of my leg. She used a new laser treatment therapy (new to me) along with exercises. Within 4 treatments I was back to being fully active again. My activities included curling, martial arts and crossfit. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for any other issue and I would highly recommend Cindy.”

The photos are from a foot injury sustained by a 40-year-old soccer player who received manual therapy and laser and RPT as well as taping to recover and return to sport.

Subacute and Chronic Sports Injury Treatments

Some athletes are able to resolve their pain with rest, but often the muscles and joints have not recovered full function. A recent example is a 19-year-old former soccer player who wanted to weight train and continue running. He was complaining that both his hips were sore and causing him training limitations. An old ankle sprain with significant movement restriction was also contributing to his hip pain. This athlete benefited from a comprehensive evaluation at Global Physiotherapy — Sherwood Park. His treatment consisted of specific manual therapy, laser and RPT, medical acupuncture, and exercise. All these treatment modalities are available to any injured athlete.

Global Physiotherapy Respects Your Privacy

Sports physiotherapy does not have to be in an open concept space. Private treatment rooms allow all clients to receive one-to-one sports physiotherapy treatment. Our goal is to provide the best quality physiotherapy treatment to each athlete.

Are you looking for sports physiotherapy? Edmonton, Sherwood Park and area residents who are experiencing sports related injuries or other issues that are limiting their performance are encouraged to contact our experienced team for an assessment.